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Friday, September 19, 2008

Episode 10

Any comments on the following topics covered in the podcast:

-Hispanics and addressing their language
-Importance of Read Alouds
-Using the Doc Cam for read alouds

-Any thing else you got?

Here's the link to Audacity


Mr. Kimmi said...

That was "teach on!" Are you going to save me from my 3 hr marathon drive?

mrsdurff said...

My Challenge is here:

mrsdurff said...

Rant on! I don't understand not using tech with kids - I have one response to that so-called "danger"=ridiculous. I view filters as challenges to go around, same as the kids do.

mrsdurff said...

Document camera? What is that? Big difference between 1st grade learning to read and 2nd grade increasing fluency. I'm with her for beginning readers and you for on-their-own readers. This is a librarian speaking.

Andrew Pass said...

Great podcast.

Collection of the opening songs