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Friday, February 13, 2009

Episode 13

Kimmi needs your help with what happened at a parent-teacher conference. Do you have some comments about what happened in addition to your vote?

Also, any comments or thoughts about letting kids read stuff in the hallway?

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Scott Shelhart said...

Mr. Kimmi,

It is hard to judge right/wrong without being there. There are countless dynamics involved when dealing with parents, especially those of the helicopter variety. Be sure to remember where you ranked the student. The parents will remember! The next conference could be interesting. There will be consequences if their little angle does not improve her class rank by the next conference. Be careful.....


I agree that work in the hall should be read, but having an individual miss class time to read the walls may not be the best practice.

Perhaps each grade level could take a particular day of the week and go on a 'reading tour' of the building. I think it would be 30 minutes well spent.

Keep up the podcast. You are doing a great job.


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